Apple’s Upcoming iPhone Could Be Moisture Proof |

Apple’s Upcoming iPhone Could Be Moisture Proof

No, you will not be able to take your iPhone for a swim yet.


While Sony certainly spearheads the waterproof smartphones department, that does not mean that others are not interested in coming up with their own stuff.

A new patent filing by Apple shows that Cupertino giant is interested in adding a level of moisture protection to its devices. However, from the filing, we can tell that this is nowhere close to the protection that Sony offers on its range of Xperia Z devices.

The filing demonstrates something pretty unique in the form of a hydrophobic coating via a plasma-assisted chemical vapour deposition (PACVD) process. While this is common with waterproofing techniques currently available in the industry, Apple apparently does not want to coat its devices with it.

Apple however, is just interested in coating the internal components that lead to damage when they come in contact with moisture.

But there are problems with that for which the iPhone maker seems to have found a workaround.

This can be attributed to the EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding that all Apple devices come with. This is why Apple decided to patent the whole process that allows the shielding to stay intact while adding microscopic gaps to the same.

The gaps will be small enough to allow the plasma coating to pass through (and form a layer of protection when the PACVD process is complete) but will effectively shield the components from EMI.

Smart? Yes indeed. But don’t dream of taking your future iPhone for a swim just yet, as Apple plans to do this only for vital connectors and components on the PCB and not the entire device.

We think this has more to do with the looks of the device as waterproofing smartphones indeed makes them look a bit bulky (adding to the weight) along with reducing the audio performance of its speakers.

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