NVIDIA Shield Is The World’s First 4 K Android TV Console

Can run Crysis at 30 fps.


NVIDIA announced its all new Shield set top box today. In a segment that is crowded with set-top boxes from different companies such as Amazon, Google and more, NVIDIA also took the chance to announce its new Grid, a connected gaming service as well.

While we are interested in the former, its the presence of the latter that tells us that the device will never make it to Indian shores.

Still then, NVIDIA’s new Shield does pack in a lot of processing power. Its 4 K chops can be attributed to the recently announced Tegra X1 chipset that not only delivers XBox 360 like gaming quality, but also accomplishes the same with half the power requirements.

Efficiency aside, this set top box is indeed late to the game, which is why it is 4 K ready unlike all of the competition that is currently available.

Indeed what is important here are the games, and NVIDIA promises plenty (for now). The new Shield will have it own store where users will be able to download Android titles (50 at launch) that have been optimised for the console.

Talking about titles, you can expect big names like the Portal, Half-Life 2:Episode 1 and even Crysis 3 and many more thanks to the Grid game streaming service.

CEO Jen-Hsun Huang said that the Shield is powerful enough to easily run Crysis 3 at 30 fps, which is impressive.

The Android TV-powered, gaming set-top box will retail this May in the US at 200 USD (approx. Rs 13000) with a gaming controller; but you will have to purchase the Shield remote (non-gaming) separately to take advantage of the voice commands.


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