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LG To Rely Entirely On Samsung For DDR4 RAM

Apple on the other hand will take a smaller risk by keeping its supply to 50 percent.


The Korean Times today made news of Samsung’s new deal with Apple and LG for RAM modules. The modules in question are the LPDDR4 RAM chips that Samsung had announced way back in 2013. Seems like the trend is catching up and Apple and LG are looking for suppliers; Samsung as always is just looking to do good business.

While the news report states that LG will rely entirely on Samsung Electronics for the new RAM modules (this could be for the LG G Flex 2), Apple seems to be not so sure and has decided to give in to 50 percent of its total requirements.

Not much is known about the RAM modules in question, sources say that the deal came through after Samsung recently unveiled 8-Gigabit LPDDR4 module that is based on the 20 nm process.The chips are pretty good, considering the fact that they utilize less power compared to the current DDR3 memory and also deliver double the data rate.

What is interesting is that we could get to see Samsung’s recently announced ePOP modules being put into practice here. The new ePOP modules take up less space meaning that the next iPhone could not only be slimmer, but deliver better battery life as well; as the RAM unit can be piggyback on the applications processor utilizing a smaller footprint. This leaves more space for other components that manufacturers and designers can take advantage of.

As for the applications processor (AP), Apple has been pretty generous in doing business with Samsung by giving them 80 percent of the requirement, while Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) will take care of the remaining 20 percent.


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