User Hits Lenovo And Superfish With Lawsuit |

User Hits Lenovo And Superfish With Lawsuit

Says Superfish also utilized RAM and gobbled up internet bandwidth as well.


Lenovo has been in a bit of a soup lately. After admitting that its PC’s come with the Superfish adware pre-loaded, the PC manufacturer has now been dragged to court by a customer in the US.

In what may be just the beginning of Lenovo’s problems (worldwide), the plaintiff, Jessica Bennett, who is a blogger by profession states that she and her business have been affected by the Superfish adware.

It all began when the blogger noticed that some really odd ads “involving scantily clad women” began to show up on her client’s website, while in the process of writing a blog for a client.

These were then followed by pop-ups with similar content on other websites. Soon the blogger concluded that she had some sort of spyware, after researching a bit on the forums she discovered that her new Yoga 2 laptop came pre-loaded with Superfish.

More importantly, as reported earlier, the software was spying on her browsing habits (even on the private tabs) and giving out root certificates leaving her PC vulnerable to hackers.

The plaintiff also noticed that her PC was slowing down and that Superfish apart from sneaking up on browsing habits, also utilized her internet bandwidth.

While Lenovo has confessed that it has installed the software on all their laptops excluding the ThinkPad models, it also a released a software removal tool for the same. Superfish being an important part of this mess has also been dragged to court for the same reasons.

Lenovo is indeed in a big fix here, and while we wish Lenovo the best of luck with the lawsuits that are yet to come, other PC manufacturers should indeed watch out for the same.


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