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Lenovo’s Adware Problem Is Pretty Big

Forget bloatware, Lenovo pre-installs adware on its computers.


Clearly, none of us like bloat-ware. Its the first thing we uninstall when we buy a new PC or a laptop. While Apple seems to have taken care of the problem, Microsoft still has major issues because Windows 8 systems built by manufacturers still ship with plenty of them.

But things could change for the good, because Lenovo’s adware program that comes pre-installed on most of its computers can actually let hackers steal your browser data.

While not all of us are aware about the damage that bad software can do, those who have been affected in the past are pretty particular about these details.

Lenovo’s problem is to do with this piece of software called Superfish, that comes pre-installed on every system possible. The adware, acts as the man-in-the-middle so that it can deliver the right private data for advertising purposes.

What it also does is produce SSL certificates whenever requested. Superfish will in its mission to deliver ad data, willingly create SSL certificates even on private tabs. Since Superfish has root permissions to web traffic as well, all of your typed data can be accessed by anyone who is interested.

While Superfish is one of the fastest growing companies in the US, it is also the “pioneer in visual search technology” as nothing else can clearly come close to its ad matches that it obtains by user browser actions.

Lenovo claims that it has stopped installing the software on consumer systems and those who already have it, can update the software to remedy the issue. Still then, Lenovo is indeed in a lot of trouble as we are pretty sure most customers aren’t even aware about the same and the risks associated with it.


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