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Uploading Files To Dropbox Gets A Whole Lot Easier For iOS 8 Users

You can finally get things done the other way around.


While Apple did push out the app action extensions feature with iOS 8, its practicality is indeed yet to be seen since many developers have not taken advantage of it yet. Dropbox on the other hand has finally put out an update that will let you use its action extension to upload photos and notes from right about anywhere.

While sharing is nothing new for Android users, iOS users were indeed pretty happy with the new feature. This is because the extension allowed users to share an image from your Photos app to the app in question, rather than opening an said app and then drawing it in from Photos.

This is important for users as not all folders that have been downloaded from your Mac or PC are accessible on your iPhone when you try and share an image from within an app (the older WhatsApp was a perfect example of this).

Well, now that the new extension is in place, users can share files both ways and upload more stuff quickly with fewer taps. All you have to do is activate it once and then simply click on the share button to save a file to your Dropbox account.

As an added bonus, files that you open from the web will also now see a “Open with...” option that will allow you to open files via Dropbox (and even Save them if need be).

The new Dropbox v 3.7 update is available for both the Apple iPhone and the iPad.

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