Apple Increases App Size Limit From 2 GB To 4 GB |

Apple Increases App Size Limit From 2 GB To 4 GB

Developers of iOS games will benefit from the added space and can now deliver higher quality textures.


Apple has increased its long standing 2 GB app size limit on the App Store to a hefty 4 GB. Yes, that is 4 GB per app. While Windows Phone users will find these figures jaw-dropping (because most of their apps come in the tiniest of packages), game developers will rejoice at this move because they can now cram in a lot more details into their iOS games.

While iOS is indeed the best platform for mobile gaming, because the hardware optimisations are indeed limited, it also offers the best games first, and with the best graphics as well.

Increasing the app size limit to 4 GB will see games like Bioshock and GTA finally getting the space needed to expand and deliver some much-needed quality textures.

That aside, iOS users need not fear the change as all of Apple’s devices come with just a single internal memory, where there is no differentiation of internal and external memory like on Android.

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