Samsung To Out Smarter GALAXY S6 Accessories With Authentication Chips |

Samsung To Out Smarter GALAXY S6 Accessories With Authentication Chips

The chips will not only allow for added functions, but will also bring in additional income.


The Korean media reports that Samsung seems to be taking the Apple route to accessories with its upcoming flagship smartphone the GALAXY S6. The Korean company is apparently looking to integrate authentication chips with all its accessories for the smartphone, that will not only help them become smarter, but will also help them make more money off it.

This it plans to do in the long run, by delivering the custom made chips that will allow for special functions for use in third-party accessories. A clear cut example of the chips already in use would include the smart S View-style flip covers, that allow for custom functions when opened.

Samsung will deliver these chips to third-party accessory manufacturers as per requirements for a price of course and in the course of time build an accessories ecosystem as well.

Accessory manufacturers who choose to opt out of the chips will still be allowed to make the same, its just that they will not be connected to the smartphone and would not offer any special features.

Samsung’s System LSI division will be making the authentication chips that will be used in flip-covers initially and then be used in other products. The accessories will be connected to smartphones via NFC.


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