After Acompli, Microsoft Buys Sunrise Calendar For $100 Million |

After Acompli, Microsoft Buys Sunrise Calendar For $100 Million

Big question is, what is Microsoft planning to do with it?


One of the most beautiful and functional calendar apps on Android and iOS has now been bought over by Microsoft for 100 million USD. Off late Microsoft has been hogging down companies and making some really great products like the recently unveiled Outlook for iOS and Android that was pulled off thanks to inputs from Acompli.

The Outlook app is clearly one of the best Gmail clients for iOS users and the best Outlook client for Android users. Still then, there still seems to be plenty of room for improvement, something that we can expect from Microsoft to deliver (since they always do). Moreover, Microsoft is indeed bringing back a lot of Outlook users who had earlier left in search of greener pastures.

With Sunrise, we are clearly lost. Outlook already offers an excellent calendar that works well with multiple accounts from different ecosystems. May be Microsoft just wants to improve upon the same and deliver a better Outlook experience.

Apart from that, Microsoft may be looking to provide a similar level of integration with different services on Windows 10.

Odd thing is, that Sunrise is available on every major platform (including a web app) apart from Windows.


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