Rumour: HTC Has A One M9 And A One M9 Plus In The Works |

Rumour: HTC Has A One M9 And A One M9 Plus In The Works

In fact, the One M9 Plus may pack in a special surprise as well.


While HTC has only let us know that they will be present with a flagship smartphone at the Mobile World Congress this year, leaks do tell us a lot more. While the HTC One M9 (Hima) seems to have been leaked out already, leaker @upleaks mentions that HTC will have two other smartphones to show off under the same branding.

The lower-priced one will be called the Hima Ace or M9 Ace, which in all probability will end up being a Mini version of the flagship. Next in the line is the standard One M9, which we have seen leaked images of recently.

What is new, is the presence of a bigger version of the One M9 tagged as the One M9 Plus. The smartphone apart from a bigger screen size will sport a cheaper MediaTek processor for South Asian markets.

That aside, the leaker also mentions that the smartphone will pack in something special in the form of a fingerprint scanner. along with the possibility of a duo camera set up as well.

As always we would suggest that you to take all of this information with a pinch of salt as they are still rumours. But with the announcement almost a month away, we think that there is plenty of time for these rumours to turn into hard facts.


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