The Samsung GALAXY S6 May Come With A Touch-Based Fingerprint Scanner |

The Samsung GALAXY S6 May Come With A Touch-Based Fingerprint Scanner

Its earlier attempts with the fingerprint scanner have mostly been a trial and error affair.


It was a trend that began with Apple, and Samsung immediately followed suit along with HTC and many others. While HTC’s attempt with the One Max phablet was a complete disaster, Samsung somehow managed to convince many (thanks to PayPal) that theirs is worth a try.

While HTC clearly gave up after a failed attempt, Samsung after a failed GALAXY S5 took a shot at it once again and improved the scanner with its Tab range and recently the GALAXY Note 4.

Indeed one still has to do a bit of rubbing in a precise manner to register a print for the device to unlock or to make a purchase. But with the GALAXY S6, insiders say that things are about to change.

Samsung is said to use a bigger home button with the GALAXY S6; one that will be able to register the entire fingerprint in one go, without the need to swipe down.

Hardware aside, the new fingerprint ID system will be used in some more places. Owners of the GALAXY S6 will be able to unlock the device (which is old) and even sign into web pages using their fingerprint. And apart from access to Samsung services, the fingerprint ID can also be used to access the Private Mode on the device.

Let’s hope that things look good aesthetically as well considering the fact that the smartphone is said to come with a dual-edged screen variant.


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