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Nexus 6 Users Reporting Warped Back Cover Due To Battery Defect

If you own a Nexus 6, we suggest you take a long hard look at the back of the device.


Nexus 6 owners in the US and elsewhere have begun reporting a strange problem to do with the build quality of the smartphone. The defect according to users who have actually faced the issue can either come out of the box or after a couple of days of use.

The issue is to the do with the battery unit inside, which some say is caused by the quick charger causing it to expand over charging, leading to warped back covers. Some have even reported a proper opening where the back panel seems to have come off in certain areas near the power/lock and volume buttons.

While our Nexus 6 review is coming soon, we did not notice that the back panel does creak to an extent when pressed near the volume and power buttons. The panel remains steady towards the centre.

This could be due to some shoddy construction, or a defective design. However, commenters on the source page have also pointed out that the issue of the back panel peeling off exists on the Moto X as well.

As of now only Motorola can solve the problem. Users who are seeing the back panel peeling off or bloated should get their defective device replaced or repaired immediately as a problematic battery can be extremely dangerous.

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