Rumour: MediaTek May Soon Bring 12 Core CPUs To Smartphones

Does this make any sense for an Android device?


There are murmurs in the rumour mill about MediaTek working hard to develop a new generation of chipsets. These will feature a lot more cores than what we have in our smartphones today. When we say more we mean in the range of 10 to 12 cores. While that may sound as ridiculous as displays with bent edges, this may indeed be the future of mobile innovation after all.

While the industry seems to be static at best when it comes to innovation in the mobile space, MediaTek being a chipmaker seems to be doing its best to deliver something more at a hardware level. While the extra cores won’t hurt anyone, it certainly makes less sense as even quad-core and octa-core devices these days are not really making any breakthroughs in terms of power consumption.

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Processing speeds have gone up and apps do launch a lot faster, but optimisation is key and that is the one thing Android smartphone makers (a platform that MediaTek chipsets are used for) need to work on in terms of software.

On the other side we have Apple who seems to be happy with well optimised apps, dual core chipsets and just 1 GB of RAM (which is the only part that seems to be ageing in way).


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