Omnivision Partners With Wavelens; Announces Faster AF System For Mobile |

Omnivision Partners With Wavelens; Announces Faster AF System For Mobile

The current run-of-the-mill AF systems found in most devices clearly aren’t fast enough for today’s competitive mobile market.


California-based Omnivision has tied up with Wavelens and announced a brand new set up that delivers faster autofocus speeds than traditional VCM (Voice Coil Motor) based systems for mobile devices.

The new system utilizes a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) that makes for a better match with Omnivision’s recently announced 23 MP OV23850 sensor instead of the standard VCM system.

The partnership will allow Omnivision to pair its recently announced 23 MP sensor with the MEMS system developed by Wavelens, delivering DSC (Digital Still Camera) quality autofocus and imagery.

Tehzeeb Gunja, Senior Partnership and Business Development Manager, shed some light at CES about OmniVision’s newest venture:

“The OV23850 supports fast-auto focus modes and is our highest resolution image sensor currently available, which makes it the preferred sensor for the MEMS focus technology developed by Wavelens. VCM-based autofocus, while a proven technology, suffers from slow speed to focus and high current consumption. We are excited to take part in the transition to a superior MEMs-based solution that can overcome VCM’s shortcomings. OmniVision is working with Wavelens to bring to market the MEMS-based autofocus technology across a wide array of sensors.”

Indeed fast isn’t fast enough and while mobile camera sensors keep getting smarter, there is always room for improvement. Lets hope that the 23 MP sensor along with the improved autofocus system makes its way onto our smartphones soon.


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