Omnivision Outs 23 MP And 21 MP Point-And-Shoot Class Smartphone Sensors |

Omnivision Outs 23 MP And 21 MP Point-And-Shoot Class Smartphone Sensors

Sensors combine traditional contrast based AF systems along with newer phase detection systems to deliver faster autofocus.


If you thought that locking focus on smartphones could not get any faster than the LG G3 with its laser-assisted autofocus system, well think again. Omnivision a California-based company with a sprawling supply network consisting of leading smartphone manufacturers has now come up with something better and faster. The company has introduced two new sensors OV23850 and OV21840 (23.8 MP and 21.4 MP) camera sensors in the PureCel-S series which aim to make smartphone focusing up to 4 times faster.

This is possible because Omnivision has now managed to utilize a stacked die process that allows the manufacturer to separate the image array from the imaging sensor's processing pipeline taking the load off the chip. This allows it to handle other functionalities such a phase detection autofocus (PDAF) and traditonal two-dimensional contrast fast autofocus. This in turn allows Omnivision to combine the use of both (simultaneously) and deliver up to 4 x faster auto-focus speeds on smartphones, bringing it in line with point and shoot cameras.

The new sensors also allow for HDR video and now come packaged into a smaller footprint. They are both capable of recording QHD video (2560 x 1440) at a smooth 30 FPS in HDR mode which is indeed an impressive feat.

Both the sensors are currently locked up in the sampling process and will enter volume production in the 1Q 2015.


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