ASUS Teases New Zenfone With Focus On The Camera |

ASUS Teases New Zenfone With Focus On The Camera

Is ASUS going to unveil a flagship Android device for once?


ASUS has clearly seen a lot of success with the launch of its Zenfone range in India. The range covers a number of segments from the budget to the low mids, which makes us wonder why the company has not delivered a flagship smartphone yet. Well, with the company’s new teaser, it seems that ASUS has its sights locked on to improved camera performance with its next offering;  something that would compliment the company’s superior build quality.

The video is a bit too short, but it clearly shows a smartphone that looks similar to the current Zenfone series in terms of design. But there is one big change and that is on the back of the device. Firstly, there is a dual LED flash system which fits in line with the text included along with the post. Below the camera lens setup are two new buttons similar to what LG has been working with for years. This could a multi-function button or something that assists the camera module; again similar to the LG G3.

What is pretty obvious is the fact that this smartphone is pretty thick. Is this another budget offering from ASUS or is this a pure bred flagship? We will know at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas in a couple of weeks from now.


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