Corning Unveils Its Gorilla Glass 4; Somehow We’re Not Impressed |

Corning Unveils Its Gorilla Glass 4; Somehow We’re Not Impressed

Durability aside, we were more interested in seeing the anti-reflective coating that the company showcased recently.


Corning is clearly one of the best manufacturers of display glass available out there currently. Every year the company comes up with something new. But when Corning unveiled its latest Gorilla Glass 4 product, we were somehow not that impressed.

Gorilla Glass 4 has been delivered to solve just one problem (try to solve it at least) durability in terms of drops. Seems like all of those smartphone drop-tests seems to have made Corning cringe and the company has delivered a new product that simply focuses on that aspect.

The new glass is capable of surviving 80 percent of drops from a fall almost 1m high. What’s more is that the new glass offers better durability than the previous version (Gorilla Glass 3) and that too in a much thinner panel.

While all of this is an improvement over the previous generation of Gorilla Glass, what we were expecting to be announced, was the glass that was showcased at Computex 2014 back in June. Corning demoed a new technology in the form of a coating that will to be applied to their Gorilla Glass screens to make it anti-reflective.

The anti-reflective coating needs to be applied to both sides of the display and will drop the reflectivity of the screen from standard 8% to mind-boggling 1%. The coating which is applied using Zero Air Gap technology reduces reflection as you can see from the video below.

Still then, just as we said before, this an improvement. Hopefully we should see some differences when the product reaches smartphone manufacturers and they implement it in the right way.

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