Jolla Teases Its Upcoming Phablet; To Be Announced On November 19 |

Jolla Teases Its Upcoming Phablet; To Be Announced On November 19

While the device does look like a tablet, we are pretty sure that Jolla will not be heading down that path.


Jolla has begun teasing its fans with images of the its upcoming phablet device. While only the corner of the device has been revealed so far, it has led many to believe that the device may be a tablet. We however think that it would be too adventurous of Jolla to jump into the tablet game, more so because the company has yet to establish itself in the smartphone market.

This may actually be Jolla’s first up to date smartphone compared to the original Jolla phone that retails for Rs 16,499. While many may believe that Jolla smartphones are not about the hardware specs, but the UX, it is clearly the reason that is forcing many buyers to look elsewhere as of today.

So what kind of hardware should we expect in this phablet? Well, at least a decent Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 if it is going to be a flagship device or a may be 64-bit Snapdragon 610 that will easily attract buyers in the mid-range. Couple that with 2 GB of RAM and the Sailfish OS and you could be looking at a pretty capable device to attract buyers.

Jolla indeed sells its smartphone based on the UX and the Other Half accessory. With the upcoming device, it is pretty clear that the Finnish smartphone maker has dumped the concept and gone with a different design completely. Whatever it is, we will know in 48 hours from now. 

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