Apple, IBM Join Hands To Push iOS In The Enterprise

Apple has joined hands with IBM to strengthen its hold in the enterprise space.


The two tech giants, Apple and IBM have announced an exclusive partnership that will help them deliver better solutions for business via Apple’s already widespread mobile devices. IBM MobileFirst is the result of this partnership and will deliver apps and a number of solutions that cover Apple’s mobile devices to help Apple expand its enterprise offerings for business.

The partnership will allow both companies to address key industry mobility challenges and will bring in a whole new level of mobile solutions for business. Knowing how Apple does what it does best, expect to see some new standards set pretty soon. BlackBerry should be worried.

IMB MobileFirst will deliver a new class of more than 100 industry-specific enterprise solutions including native apps, developed exclusively from the ground up, for both the iPhone and the iPad. Cloud services unique to IBM will now be optimised for iOS; this will include device management, security, analytics and mobile integration. AppleCare will now also offer tailored services for enterprise and we will also see new device activations solutions along with supply and management.

It is indeed shocking to hear about this in a way, as the two companies have indeed had a rough past when Steve Jobs was around. Still then, if Apple can move on to “hummer-sized” displays, then it is only fitting that it will take some bigger strides in the near future.

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