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HP Takes The Wraps Off Its MB Chronowing Smartwatch

While it may seem a bit lacking when compared to the regular Android Wear smartwatch features available today, HP’s best does come with one impressive feature.


HP has finally launched its first smartwatch and it does look impressive. The smartwatch is called the MB Chronowing Smartwatch and while it does look like a regular smartwatch on the outside, it packs in some run-of-the-mill smartwatch features inside.

Clearly, HP along with designer, Michael Bastian managed to churn out a smartwatch that well...  does not look like one. The smartwatch that was announced earlier, looks like a regular wristwatch, but upon looking closer you will notice the display with one space reserved just for the analogue hands while the rest of it displays contextual information streamed from your smartphone.

Yes, the smartwatch has a couple of misses. It's not a touchscreen device to begin with, since it uses those three buttons to deal with the limited feature set, and your smartphone to handle the rest. While it does alert your of incoming , notifications from emails, texts and missed calls by delivering gentle vibrations to your wrist, it also keeps up with scores from your favourite teams and event from your calendar. What is missing are all those fitness tracking sensors and all those apps that come with Google’s Android Wear ecosystem.

But the MB Chronowing Smartwatch does deliver pretty well on one front and that is the battery life. The company claims that smartwatch with regular usage will last for up to a week on a single charge. We guess this is thanks to the display tech (which is pretty pixelated if you ask us).

The smartwatch will be available in three strap options (brown leather, olive nylon or black rubber) and will go on sale on Gilt starting from USD 349 (649 USD for the black Sapphire-glass crytsal variant) in the US only.

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