1 Lakh Xiaomi Redmi 1S Smartphones To Go On Sale Once Again

Seems like India’s insatiable appetite for Xiaomi smartphones will indeed put Xiaomi on the top of the smartphone business.


Xiaomi has been selling the Redmi 1S for quite some time now. While the smartphone is pretty much a gem in the category and pricing could not be better; it was always the limited number of smartphones that kept Xiaomi from becoming a household name in India. Well after a number of tries Hugo Barra and his team seem to have got everything right and have ramped up the production numbers once again. At the upcoming sale on the 4th of November, the company will show up with 1,00,000 Redmi 1S units in an unending effort to satiate India’s growing appetite for the budget smartphone.

There is another interesting bit of information here. Similar to the Diwali sale that saw about 25,000 lucky fans who saw the Redmi 1S added to their Flipkart shopping carts, the Chinese company is going to pull off something similar once again.

While the number of lucky customers this time around will not be revealed; Xiaomi says that those who had registered but were unable to make the purchase since the first sale should automatically see the smartphone getting added to their shopping carts.

What’s more is that Xiaomi will also be offering a 10% discount on select Redmi 1S covers on the day of the sale as well. So if you have been trying to buy the Redmi 1S endlessly and have failed, this may be your best shot at obtaining one, once again. Unless of course your eyes are on the Redmi Note instead.

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