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Flipboard For Android And iOS Steps Up To Version 3.0

Apart from a refreshed design we also get a lot more topics to choose from and a brand new magazine by Flipboard.


Flipboard has just announced its updated app for iOS and Android. The 3.0 update delivers a flatter design and kicks skeumorphism out the window, minus the page flips (Thank God for that!).

There are many new changes that have made the Flipboard experience a lot better. We have a “Daily Edition” magazine that gets delivered to your smartphone every morning and covers the news that has been hand-picked by the Flipboard Newsdesk. Sounds a lot like the Yahoo News digest to us, but this one is a lot less in-depth by nature.

Next up is the new design that comes with a tabbed interface. So yes, the app has lost a few flipping opportunities here and there, but has ensured that you still have to flip in all the relevant places.

Then there are the plethora of topics that have been added. The mechanism has been fuelled by Zite (which is another news aggregator). There are topics as wide as “action heroes” and as specific as “zoology”. You just have to tap on the follow button to keep getting updates in your app.

Profiles on Flipboard also see some updates, and somehow the section looks a lot similar to the Flickr app for Android and iOS.

All-in-all a worthy update, that allows you to keep on flipping and adds more functionality, turning Flipboard into a social network of sorts. The company had recently introduced its all new app for Windows Phone. While Windows Phone users were happy that they finally got one, it is a completely different experience that Flipboard delivers out there; minus the flips.


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