The New Moto X Emerges Triumphant In The Latest Smartphone Bend Test |

The New Moto X Emerges Triumphant In The Latest Smartphone Bend Test

While the test is highly unscientific, a guy bending phones with his bare hands does provide a pretty good picture of how well a device is made


Following news of the iPhone 6 Plus' tendencies to bend when in your pocket, the race to find the least bendable smartphone has kicked off. Youtuber Lewis Hilsenteger, has outed yet another video in which he applies some brute force to the backs of the iPhone 6, HTC One (M8), Moto X (2nd gen) and Lumia 1020, the results are as follows.

Right off the bat he shows that the regular iPhone 6 doesn't suffer from the same lack of rigidity that's made its larger sibling so infamous. While there's some amount of warpage of the aluminum unibody, it's no where near what he achieved with the iPhone 6 Plus, and neither did the screen or the case crack when he tried to straighten the device.

The biggest surprise was the Moto X, which failed to creek, or groan or budge even when a large amount of force was added. Hilsenteger noted that it was the most solid device in his test so far, probably due to the aluminum rim that runs around the periphery of the device. In simpler words, if you're a klutz, the Moto X is the best device for you.

The HTC One (M8) and the Nokia Lumia 1020 performed as expected. Both phones stay true to their company's promise of building phones well. The screens pop out of the housing just a little bit, but snap back into place almost immediately when the pressure is removed.

Again, while the iPhone 6 isn't the winner of the flagship phone bend test, claims of the device being prone to the 6 Plus' flaw are just not true. Don't let the internet stop you from buying Apple's shiniest new toy, but for now stay away from the larger one. If you still aren't convinced, go get yourself a Moto X, which just went on sale for Rs 31,999 on Flipkart.

If you want to see each phone getting bent, watch the video below:


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