Users Report "Warped" iPhone 6 Plus |

Users Report "Warped" iPhone 6 Plus

If you are standing in line to buy one, we suggest you buy a mighty strong case with that as well.


If you are a proud owner of an iPhone 6 Plus, we suggest you place your phone face-first on a flat surface because news is, that the iPhone 6 Plus is indeed prone to bending. No this is not the case of a nut job placing this phablet-sized device in his/her back pocket and then sitting on it.

Reports are popping up all over the web with photographs of owners showing their warped iPhones and most of those owners had placed the 6 Plus in their front pockets (a pretty safe place). Looks like its time for Apple to educate iPhone owners on how they should be using their iPhone 6 once again (remember Antennagate?)

We were pretty unclear about Apple’s experience in building bigger smartphones to begin with. As for Samsung, they pretty much created this category from scratch, so they do know about the problems that come with flexing such big devices. After Antennagate this may after all be the next big problem that Apple will have to deal with.

A YouTube user seemed pretty enthusiastic about testing this theory out. He put the handset through a decent stress test and the iPhone 6 Plus seems to have given in pretty easily.

Next up he conducts the same (much worse actually) stress test on the Samsung Note 3 and well it comes out with flying colours, considering that he actually did it twice. Clearly Samsung has a lot more experience with bigger smartphones so its no wonder that they clearly survive the torture tests; the same of course can be said about Nokia (err... Microsoft) as well.

Shocking news is that there are tweets showing up online mentioning that even the iPhone 6 bends. Seems like Apple's departure from the sandwiched design form using glass for support on both sides is creating structural problems for the new iPhone. Indeed this is a design defect so big that even Apple will not be able to defend.

Of course the big question is... What will Apple have to say about this? Steve Jobs would have probably said that “you should not place it in your pocket to begin with”. But this being the Tim Cook era, we could see something interesting coming from the Cupertino tech giant because Apple is not a company that will ever “bend” and say that they were wrong.


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