Rumour: Apple iWatch To Come With A Curved Display

The 5.5 inch version of the iPhone 6 will feature a ‘one hand mode’.


Now that the official unveiling of the iPhone 6 is just a few days away, all the rumours now seem to be turning into concrete evidence. One of those big sources of information is the New York Times, who managed to get through a couple of roadblocks and meet the investors and employees who basically had a run down of what the company will be unveiling on the 9th of September.

One of those bits of information that has now managed to surface is that we will for sure be seeing an iWatch being demoed on stage. As per insider news, the iWatch will sport a flexible/curved display so that it is easier to wear and contours over one’s wrist. Also the layer of glass protecting the flexed display will again be coated with Sapphire similar to the upcoming iPhone. The iWatch (what we think it will be called) will communicate via NFC with the rest of Apple’s smartphones. So we are guessing that Apple will be integrating the tech into the iPhone 6 as well, more so to enable those mobile payments that will no longer need you to reach into your pockets.

Again there has been a lot of work on the sensors as well. Those who had access to the earlier demo said that Apple has put in a ton of effort to ensure that its health tracking sensors are far more accurate compared to those currently available.

As for the iPhone 6, there is some news about that as well. Apple has apparently included a software tweak for the 5.5 inch version of the iPhone 6. The feature will allow users to use the UI using just one hand and can be enabled or disabled depending upon individual preferences.

Its just 4 days to go till the announcement, so it makes sense to believe that these are indeed facts coming from credible sources.

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