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LG-Made Nexus 5 May Come In A 64 GB Flavour Soon

While hordes of Android fans will be flocking for the Nexus X, there will be a lot of buyers still interested in the year old Nexus 5.


Circa 2014 Q4 Google is expected to launch the next version of its Nexus smartphone currently tagged as the Nexus X. While everyone’s eyes will be on the successor of the Nexus 5, indeed there will be some who will be eyeing the Nexus 5 itself, as it is expected to be launched alongside, in a 64 GB model.

The LG-made handset will indeed be saying its last good byes when Motorola’s ‘Shamu’ makes an appearance, but since there is not much of a performance bump involved, rumours have it that the 64 GB Nexus 5 is expected to retail at a very low price.

Sporting a Qualcomm Snapdrgaon 800 SoC coupled with 2 GB of RAM and 16/32 GB of internal memory, the Nexus 5 currently is a bit dated if one looks at the current benchmark results from AnTuTu and GFXBench. But benchmarks are clearly not everything and a Google handset that will always be the first to receive the latest software updates (along with a pure Android UX) will always be in demand.

Google is expected to show up with its Silver line up of devices early next year as well. The premium smartphones are expected to show up with the new 64-bit chipsets that are expected to make an appearance on handsets soon, considering that HTC’s Desire 820 is already expected to sport the first one.

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