Now, A Chrome Plugin To Help You Purchase The Xiaomi Mi 3 In India |

Now, A Chrome Plugin To Help You Purchase The Xiaomi Mi 3 In India

The startup that came up with the idea will indeed be helping the thousands that have lined up online for the purchase.


Price comparison startup BuyHatke, has taken the Xiaomi sale pretty seriously we must say, but so are the thousands of buyers that line up for those sales, logged in and waiting for Flipkart’s digital doors to open. Every time there is a Xiaomi sale, there are a limited number of handsets and far too many customers. While Xiaomi seems happy with the way things are going, customers who line up and are unable to purchase the hard to get Mi 3 smartphone are anything but that. BuyHatke with their chrome plugin are now here to help.

The plugin will not only alert you when the Xiaomi Mi 3 smartphone goes on sale on Flipkart, but will “magically” even add the smartphone to your Flipkart Cart, post which all you have to do is hit the ‘Place Order’ button. Pretty neat if you ask us.

All you have to do is:

  1. Register for the Xiaomi Mi 3 sale on Flipkart in advance
  2. Get a good internet connection
  3. Install the plugin (Click here to download it)
  4. Keep it enabled
  5. Login at least 5 minutes or more before the sale begins
  6. Click on ‘Options’ on the BuyHatke plugin and check the ‘Add Xiaomi Mi 3 to cart automatically’ option.
  7. Upon activating everything the plugin will open a extra tab with the Mi 3 showing up on the page.

Once the sale begins, the add-on automatically does its job, the second the handset shows up online. If the booking is successful, then you will see a 'Place Order' windows popping up on your screen.

What we do not get is who decides which colour option you will end up with in your cart. At the rate that these handsets get sold (seconds to minutes), we would not care either. If you still don’t end up with a Xiaomi Mi 3, we suggest you look up EBay for those willing to pay a bit more and hate queuing up for something. Indeed this is not a fool proof method, so you could give it a shot if your previous attempts have been unsuccessful.

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