Skullcandy Launches DJ Mix Master Headphones |

Skullcandy Launches DJ Mix Master Headphones

Rs 18,000 headphones inspired by DJ Mix Master Mike.


Have you heard of the "legendary" DJ Mix Master Mike? Neither have I, but that hasn't stopped Skullcandy from launching uber-expensive DJ-style headphones inspired by the man. How expensive, you ask? Well, these massive cans — crafted using ABS, polycarbonate, aluminium, and stainless steel — cost a whopping Rs 18,000. For the money, you get humongous 50 mm drivers, held together by a three-piece folding headband for convenient storage. The audio cable is detachable, with the left and right channels having their own input sockets for ambidextrous usage.

Skullcandy has also included Dual Channel Cue Control that allows a single ear cup to direct both the audio channels to one ear. When you sift aside the marketing talk, this is nothing but the good ol' mono channel mode, which is as ancient as your grandpa's phonograph. The one-touch mute button lets the budding DJ in you kill the headphone output while you take song requests from the attractive folks on the dance floor. Fortunately, you don't have to be a DJ to buy these. All you need is a lot of disposable income.

Skullcandy Launches DJ Mix Master Headphones

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