Google In Talks With HP To Build 'Now' For The Workplace

With Apple scampering off to IBM for help, Google too is looking for help to crack the enterprise nut.


Enterprise customers are some of the toughest nuts to crack, which is why Apple has scampered off to IBM for help, and Google too is supposedly in talks with its own partners. The Information reports that Google could partner with HP to enable its Google Now 'virtual assistant' to be used as a search tool for corporate data.

The idea is for employees to search for information such as financial data or inventory information in a way similar to how people search for weather updates, or a restaurant. Google Now currently does not display information that hasn't already been indexed by Google's servers, meaning you only see what Google knows.

This isn't the case with Cortana or Siri, which apart from looking through Microsoft's and Apple's suites respectively, can also pull information from other applications. Google is now looking to extend Now's capabilities to do exactly this, starting off with integrating corporate databases and applications.

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The report adds that HP has already moved forward with 'Enterprise Siri' which is its own project to boost mobile search for businesses. Google and HP have supposedly been in talks for the past one year, but things could finally move forward as the former company is looking to edge ahead of Apple in the enterprise domain.

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