BlackBerry Bring Its BBM Messenger To Windows Phone

The app drought on the Windows Phone platform isn't over, but things do seem to be changing rather quickly.


Good news Windows Phone users. BlackBerry has announced that its famed BBM messenger is now leaving the beta testing stage and will be available for download on the Windows Phone store soon. It has been a long time in the coming, but the company says it has extensively tweaked the UI to work with Windows tiled interface.

BBM for Windows Phone looks considerably different to the iOS and Android versions, and consists of just three screens – chats, feeds and contacts. The app also allows users to pin chats directly to the home screen for quick access to their favorite conversations.

Bringing the BBM messenger to Windows Phone platform is in keeping with BlackBerry's newfound focus to provide its services on devices other than its own. The move also signifies the growing interest of popular app developers in Microsoft's mobile platform which has been struggling to catch iOS and Android.

The launch of BBM follows the launch of the Fitbit app on Windows Phone, the first fitness tracker that comes with native support for the platform. Giants Adobe and Uber also made their services to users of Microsoft-powered mobile devices, and while the app drought isn't over, things are certainly changing.

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Things do seem to be getting a lot better after the launch of Windows Phone 8.1, with Microsoft even rolling out its very own voice assistant Cortana to take on Siri and Google Now. The software has received high praise by the media as well as users, and this has most likely instilled confidence in developers to build apps for WP.

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