Microsoft Is "Well Behind" Oculus In Developing Its Own VR Headset |

Microsoft Is "Well Behind" Oculus In Developing Its Own VR Headset

A new report suggests that development of the so-called Xbox headset is still in its early stages.


Microsoft, given its interests in gaming hardware with the Xbox, is one among the prime contenders in the world of virtual reality headsets. However, TechRadar reports that while the company is indeed working on virtual reality, it's far behind rivals Oculus and Sony right now.

The report cites a source familiar with the developments at Microsoft who said the company VR headset was still in the “early stages” of development. Currently that's pretty much all we know about Microsoft's device, but there have been signs of the company investing in it.

The benefits of an Xbox headset are obvious, with the device pairing up to the Xbox gaming console sort of how the Kinect does now. Rumours of a device in the works have been seeping in since the start of this year, with a demonstration expected at E3.

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While that didn't happen, the latest news is another letdown for Xbox fans and gamers looking forward to VR in general. The erstwhile tech giant seems to have been caught off guard with quite a few new developments – smartwatches and now VR – in the tech world, with the obvious consequences losing out on initial buzz sales.

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