Google's Project Ara Developer Kits Ready For Shipment

The 'dev board' will let module developers test how their hardware interacts with the rest of the Ara system.


Google's modular smartphone program, Project Ara has reached its next significant milestone, with the company all-set to ship the dev board to hardware developers. Google has begun taking applications from companies and organisations that are interested in creating modular hardware for the program.

The announcement comes soon after Google released the Ara Module Developers Kit that allowed interested parties to create modules for Project Ara. With the dev board, those developers will be able to evaluate how their hardware interacts with the rest of the Ara system.

The first round of applications closes on July 18, and if selected, developers could receive the hardware as early as this month end. There will also be a second round of applications that closes on August 18 for latecomers or those who miss out on getting the dev board in the first round.

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According to Engadget, “Google is prioritizing the board requests based on your know-how and the strength of your proposed module concept -- it wants signs that there's a real device in the works.” Unlike with the Google Glass, not everyone can become a developer, the kit is meant only for those with hardware manufacturing capabilities.

For consumers then the latest Project Ara announcement means next to nothing, but if you're a fan of the modular smartphone, the announcement should excite you. Why? The move is a huge step towards putting Ara into the hands of the consumer, and judging by the pace of development, that could be soon.

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