Apple Asks Sharp Not To Produce Displays For Samsung |

Apple Asks Sharp Not To Produce Displays For Samsung

The tech giant clearly does not want its funds or equipment being by its rival.


Sharp has been making quality displays for Apple for a very long time and even bought equipment thanks to the monies provided by the latter. Now that it wants to buy back all that machinery from Apple to make displays for other companies, but Apple has put up a conditions that it should not make displays for it's bitter rival Samsung.

The iPhone maker has agreed to handover to Sharp the display making equipment for a sum $293 million but on one condition. Sharp will be able to make displays for every other manufacturer under the sun, other than the the Korean Giant .

Now while Samsung seems pretty happy with their AMOLED displays, those displays usually end up only on their premium line up of handsets. As for the rest of the handsets, the displays may be coming from elsewhere (a place where Sharp may have its eyes on) especially since Samsung is a biggie in the Android space.

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Apple and Samsungs rivalry is legendary and have been involved in numerous lawsuits. While the companies spend billions on lawsuits to prove each other wrong, Apple also wants to make sure that Samsung does not even benefit from their tech, even if it is via Sharp. We have no clue whether the companies have agreed to the deal, but we are sure we will be hearing about this pretty soon.

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