Death Of Windows XP Boosts Global PC Sales During The June Quarter |

Death Of Windows XP Boosts Global PC Sales During The June Quarter

Given that businesses are scrambling to upgrade their PCs running on Windows XP, the market could remain positive for the next few quarters.


Global PC sales have been on the decline for some time now, thanks to the ever growing popularity of smartphones and tablets. However, with Microsoft pulling the plug for Windows XP support, businesses scrambled to upgrade to newer systems, providing a boost to the ailing PC market.

According to research firms Gartner and IDC, global PC sales grew by 0.1 percent of fell by a minuscule 1.7 percent respectively, depending on how you calculate. The estimates vary because IDC doesn't consider tablets running Windows OS, but does count Chromebooks; Gartner on the other hand does the exact opposite.

While both growth or de-growth figures aren't very significant, it sure is a much healthier outlook for the PC industry which has been registering steady decline over the past few quarters. The two companies to benefit from this boost are undoubtedly Microsoft and Intel, both of whom still control the majority of the market.

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TechCrunch believes that the end of Windows XP will have a short term impact on the PC industry, but will last only for a few quarters. Research firm Gartner on the other hand believes this to be a sign of stabilisation in the PC market, while IDC says it could be due to the returning consumer interest.

PC sales clocked in at about 75 million units during the April-June quarter, with the US posting a massive 7 percent growth. While the industry will never go back to its former glory, analysts expected sales to teardrop and then level-off, post which there could be very slow but steady growth of the market.

However, no one expected to reach the tipping point so soon, and if the situation continues for the next few quarters, it could be the dawn of a new trend.

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