BlackBerry 10 OS Images Leaked

Seems to be ripped off from rival platforms.


RIM (Research In Motion) seems to be working hard on the Blackberry 10 OS, and if these leaked images are true, then its new OS seems to be ready for a debut. More importantly, the changes aren't just aesthetic, they also bring new features to the table.

Reportedly, the guys at received a whopping 14-page insider document from a tipster. From the images found in the document, this yet-to-be released OS appears to sport Android-inspired icons. Its wallpaper and the shortcut bar at the bottom looks similar to that of the Nokia Belle. BB has also added homescreen widgets that slightly resemble Live Tiles as seen on the Windows Phone devices. Additionally, the in-call screen sports a video chat button. We can therefore expect video call capabilities to come along with the next batch of BB handsets running this OS.

With such improvements, the new platform will probably help the Canadian phone maker to win back some of its market share. However, we still don't have any specific date for its official release.

BlackBerry 10 OS Images Leaked

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