Moto Fans Rejoice! Motorola Begins KitKat Roll Out In India |

Moto Fans Rejoice! Motorola Begins KitKat Roll Out In India

The official social media page put out a post regarding the update.


Motorola has begun the roll out of Android KitKat version 4.4.4 for its Indian customers; making their recently launched handsets, the only ones to sport the software after the Nexus devices. The Lenovo-owned company put up a post on its social media page informing Moto X, G and E owners that the update is already on its way to their devices.

The update skips on the 4.4.3 update, similar to the one that was announced for the US adds those features to the 4.4.4 version of the firmware. Features would vary depending on the handset model and obviously the hardware capabilities of the device.

We have not got our the update on our unit just yet, but it may add the new dialer app with the new graphical layout with stability fixes for all the three handsets. While the Moto X gets a lot more in the form of improved camera quality and video pause feature, the Moto G gets only the latter. The Moto E on the other hand only gets the new dialer app and the upgrade to KitKat 4.4.4.

The Moto trio will also get the fix for the OpenSSL and other security improvements that prevent the man in middle attack. If you have received the update, do let us know what’s new in the comments below.

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