Google Nexus 6 Will Not Be Made By Us, Confirms LG |

Google Nexus 6 Will Not Be Made By Us, Confirms LG

This might be an indication that company is building Google’s first Silver handset.


A Dutch publication states that LG will clearly not be making the next Nexus device. Ken Hong, LG Communications Director, was quoted saying that he had no clue about such a device; and with the company approaching the yearly launch cycle, he should have been informed about it by now.

This could indicate two things. One, that the director probably meant that LG will be releasing a Google Silver device instead; or two, that the company is not going build the next Google smartphone.

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Earlier rumours did point out that LG would be building Google’s first Silver handset. This came as news soon after reports began pouring in about Google Silver Program which will be announced hopefully at the Google I/O event in a week’s time. Whether the Nexus program has been canned, nobody can confirm for now. But we can take a well-calculated guess since no products about the Google next Nexus have leaked so far. Compare this with the launch of the Nexus 5 and you will see the clearer picture.

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