Manual Camera Controls For iOS 8 Devices?

Apple aside, it will be the developers who will utilise this functionality to the fullest.


Apple is bringing manual controls for devices running iOS 8. The company has apparently exposed a lot of controls in iOS 8 that were until now not accessible to developers to tweak with; such as focus, exposure, ISO etc.

But don’t expect to see the iPhone 6 with manual controls similar to those on Windows Phone devices with the Nokia Camera App. This is because Apple loves to keep things simple. We would disagree with what most people claim, that iTunes is the easiest software in the world. Apple intends to keep things the way it is with its iOS 8 camera and this is because the company understands that most of its users are not interested in manual controls, but simply want the perfect photograph.

If you paid attention the iOS 8 keynote, there was a mention about AVCaptureDevice APIs being exposed to developers. This means that it will indeed be the developers, who will build third-party apps that utilizes manual controls instead of Apple; making manual controls available only to those who need them.

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The company had recently unveiled its mobile OS, iOS 8 along with its desktop operating system called Yosemite and has been releasing beta’s to developers to perfect it. Hopefully all of this will culminate in a bug-free iOS 8 for Apple users when the company rolls it out in Q3 this year.

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