LG G Watch Leak Details Its Smaller And Lighter Construction

After the company skipped its Q2 release and the launch of the LG G3, Google I/O is our next best guess.


Twitter leaker @upleaks, who seems fairly new to the business, has posted out what seems to be a spec sheet of the upcoming LG G Watch. The sheet clearly mentions the hardware specifications that we had already pointed out in the past, but also reveals the dimensions of the same along with the wearable’s weight, which shows that the watch is sleek and light.

LG were expected to launch its G Watch soon after the first teasers of the Android Wear-powered wearable showed up online. Not too many details about the smartwatch were revealed back then, until a video showed up online detailing a few more facts about what is said to be the reference design for Google’s Android Wear platform. Thanks to the new leak, we now have a few more details about LG’s upcoming smartwatch and few more suspected release dates as well.

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The exact dimensions of the device, which comes in at 37.9 x 46.5 x 9.95 mm make the LG watch a tad bit smaller compared to the Samsung GALAXY Gear 2 smartwatch. This is obviously because the Gear 2 comes with a camera unit on board which takes up the additional space. What’s more is that the watch weighs in at just 61 grams meaning that the device is a bit lighter that Gear range as well.

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When it comes to potential release dates, our best guess is Google’s I/O conference, which takes off on the 25th of June. Also expected to show up at the conference is Motorola's Moto 360, the more glamourized version of the Android Wear smartwatch.

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