After Thermostats & Smoke Alarms Google Looks At Home Surveillance |

After Thermostats & Smoke Alarms Google Looks At Home Surveillance

Google through Nest is said to be looking to acquire connected camera startup Dropcam.


Google could move into home security and surveillance through its $3.2 billion dollar acquisition of Nest, which so far has been making hi-tech thermostats and smoke alarms. Now according to The Information, Nest is considering acquiring connected camera startup Dropcam, but it isn't very clear as to what stage the talks are at.


"Dropcam can do for surveillance cameras what Nest did for the thermostat," said investors that got behind Dropcam last year. The company's main product is a connected camera that save footage directly to the cloud, making it accessible at any time from anywhere.


The move could go hand in hand with Nest's dream of being the go-to home security brand, while also expanding the range of IoT (Internet of Things) ready devices it has in its arsenal. It comes at a time when tech company wants every household appliance to be connected to the Internet.


Apple too is supposedly ready to take the wraps off its 'smart home' software platform which will allow for lights, security cameras and other hardware to be controlled directly from one's iPhone. According to the Financial Times report which broke this news, Apple was looking at companies like Nest and Dropcam to make their devices compatible with its software.


This seems like the perfect retort from Google, which is looking to control resources which even rival Apple will need access to. Moreover, as reported earlier, Google has already made it pretty clear that most of its revenues are still generated through advertising and it could start serving adds on “refrigerators, car dashboards and thermostats” in the near future.

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