HTC One Mini 2 Press Photo Leaks; To Come In 3 iPhone-Esque Colours

Expect a long demo video to leak pretty soon.


HTC as we all know by now is not good at keeping secrets. Their recently launched flagship was clear proof of that and now the same seems to be happening to its younger sibling, the HTC One Mini 2. The newest leak points out that the M8’s younger sibling will come in grey, silver and gold finishes and will indeed lose the Duo Lens camera.

Yes, after the HTC One M8, it is now time for the Mini 2 to shine. Shine through a leak that is. Serial leaker @EvLeaks has once again taken to twitter to leak the colour finishes and some minor details with the help of a press photo.

The HTC One Mini 2 as the leakster points out will come in grey, silver and gold finishes similar to its elder sibling and will sport a metal body. The one main feature that will not be included (as seen from the image) is the Duo Lens Camera from the One M8.

What remains to be seen is whether HTC will follow Sony’s footsteps and include the same high-end hardware as on its flagship One M8 with a lower resolution screen and camera. It will indeed be a welcomed addition, since handsets these days seem to be growing in size with every competitor bringing in bigger dimensions as the years go by.

At this rate, it is a given that a long demo video of the handset will make it to the web pretty soon; keeping in line with HTC's leaking tradition.

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