Download: Mozilla Firefox 10 (Windows)

Get the latest version of this popular web browser.


Mozilla has launched the 10th iteration of its popular Firefox internet browser. The new version seems more like a bug fix, with just a few new features. Here are some of the salient ones:

  • One of the cosmetic changes is that the Forward button will appear only after you press Back.
  • Fullscreen viewing of web apps is now possible.
  • WebGL graphics are anti-aliased.
  • CSS3 3D transitions are now supported.
  • The browser no longer crashes occasionally due to buggy Java applets or while arranging bookmarks.

There are many fixes under the hood, with a lot more mentioned in the "To Do" list.

Developer: Mozilla Foundation
Version: 10.0
Size: 15.1 MB
Licence: Freeware
Platform: Windows


Download: Mozilla Firefox 10

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