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Update: Get Airtel 3G With (Almost) Any Smartphone Bought on Snapdeal

We get more updates on this offer. Is it truly worth it?


Update:- All questions posted by us have been answered by Snapdeal on this link and also by alert readers like Vipin Menon.

Woah Snapdeal seems to be heading for a hat-trick! First, their “Same day delivery for Free” and now Airtel 3G with any and every Smartphone bought on Snapdeal. That’s actually an awesome offer!

What does the offer provide?
- 1GB free Airtel 3G data
- Offer valid on “smartphones” bought on Snapdeal.com only
- After purchase of the “smartphone”, a unique code will be given for redeeming.

What’s the catch?
There are a few questions that come to mind…
- Is 1GB data for a month? Prepaid or Postpaid?
Indeed it is 1GB/month or whichever comes first in 30 days. After which you'll be charged @3p/10KB. "Customers who have 2G data services provisioned from airtel would be upgraded to 3G services post this offer configuration."

- What’s the definition of a “Smartphone”? Are Android, Windows and iOS devices only called smartphones? At a point Symbian (Nokia OS) devices were are also known as smartphones. Does that mean Nokia Asha lineup doesn’t get this offer?
Looks like only Android, Windows and iOS devices are getting this offer. Sorry Nokia Asha phone users. An entire list of handset that are not part of the scheme are listed on the promo page.

- Is there a price restriction? What if my Android mobile costs Rs 2000 on Snapdeal (Celkon C6060)? Does that mean it still gets the offer?
From what we have observed, mobiles from Rs 5,000 upwards have this offer. E.g. Lava Iris 402.

- Is this applicable on Tablets too? What about phablets (smartphone+tablet) like Asus Fonepad being sold on Snapdeal?
Apparently this is applicable for phablets too. Yay! As pointed out by alert reader Vipin Menon.

- The offer is not listed on the website, so how do I know which mobile will get it? This seems too much like wait and hope.
Snapdeal has listed it on individual mobile pages. As pointed out by alert reader Vipin Menon.

- Coupon after purchase equals to what? Is it a digital coupon that will be on the site after purchase, will it be emailed or will it be shipped with my mobile as a coupon?
As listed on the product page itself, "Receive Free Airtel 1GB 3G Data code via Email within 7 days of product delivery" , pointed out by alert reader Vipin Menon.

While we don’t know the answers to these, we don’t want to assume anything. Therefore we’ve asked Snapdeal directly. We’ll update this when the we get answers. The link to read the promo is here, do read before you get into it.

If you have further questions, let us know. We’ll happily ask them.

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