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Facebook Timeline: Your New Profile

A brief preview of the biggest new FB feature inside.


At the f8 2011 event, Mark Zuckerberg showed off the new Timeline feature for Facebook. Timeline will be your new profile that summarizes the story of your life in form of a gallery, map (showing the places you've been to), and posts. This will allow your friends and profile visitors to have an overview of your world (of course, only if you want to). It will consist of three prominent segments, namely Cover, Stories, and Apps.

Cover- Cover will be the first thing people will see then they visit your new Timeline-based profile. FB advises you to fill this space with a unique image that represents you best.

Stories - This is a place to tell your story from the beginning to the present day, highlighting your most memorable posts, photos and life events.

Apps - FB's apps will now be more social. Remember yesterday's story about the functionality of Facebook Music? That feature will be part of the apps. Moreover, with TiVo integration, users will be able to watch programmes liked by their friends.

Facebook Timeline: Your New Profile

Aesthetically, the changes look impressive. It also enables users to be more expressive, but not without making stalkers' work easier. Then again, if you're sceptical about your privacy being maintained, getting off the social boat altogether is a good idea. The f8 conference is still on, and a clear picture of the new features will hopefully emerge by the end of the day. Till then, head over to this link and register for Timeline. Although it's currently not available, you'll be among the first bunch of bipeds to get your hands on it.

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