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3D Printing Metal Guns And Duplicating Arteries

We can print anything, no currency yet!


Digital world enables you to do just about anything, from dreaming up concepts to translating them into physical objects. While NASA merrily prints test rockets, other users try out for the first time metal guns and human arteries.

Plastic guns are for noobs, they aren’t strong enough to withstand high heat and energy produced by guns. A Californian engineering company says it has produced the first metal gun, which works much like a real gun. Made to mimic a 1911 semi-automatic gun, this one has 30 individual parts, and has impressively fired 50 successful rounds with a few bull's eyes hits over 30 yards (27.4 meters). Read more about it on their official blog.


If guns are too destructive for you, try duplicating human body parts with it, in this case arteries. The University of Buffalo recently purchased a 3D printer for research and were able to 3D print vessels that were similar to a patient's actual veins or arteries. As of now the instruments aren't ready for surgery yet as it's still in the test phase. Apparently, "It can take the printer less than an hour or up to nine hours to complete a print job. It just depends on how much intricate their design is". Check out the video at digtriad website.

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