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iPhone 5S And 5C Set Twitter Ablaze!

We dug for funny tweets about Apple iPhone 5S and 5C launch, and here are some of the best we found.


OK, so Tim Cook has finally done something to set Steve Jobs tossing and turn in his "Unmarked Grave at Alta Mesa Memorial Park". Cook has finally made the iPhone in close reach of everyone who dreamed of owning an iPhone but couldn’t afford one (Tata Nano and Ratan Tata, anyone?) with the iPhone 5C (colourful for Apple fanboys, Clonia for Lumia lovers, and cheap for, well, nobody outside the US!). So, even as fanboys rave and rant about the Touch ID, and free apps, we turn to Twitter for some not-so-flattering Tweets post the big announcement.

So the Touch ID may be secure, but then again I don’t trust even the Indian Government with my finger prints. And the way they've used credit card information in the past doesn't really enforce real faith on Apple's intentions. This Tweet, basically, says it all:

The way the new feature has been praised at the keynote, one wonders if there is anything beyond the feature for the plasticky-cheaper version?

With the iTunes Radio, those who were cribbing about the lack of radio in the Lumia handset may have a comeback of sorts, but how much of that will make it to Indian shores is a question on many a minds.



But that's not where the Touch ID wise-cracks stopped. It went into Indian folklore (Angulimal, anyone?)


iPhones have always represented a niche market, and commands an astronomical price tag in this part of the world. In fact, its bragging rights are so high, that last year people were ready to shell out well over Rs 1 lakh just to be the first to show off their iPhone 5. Too bad that very handset is now defunct!






As for the Nano, I mean 'cheap' iPhone embracers, the handset will, quite literally, sweep the market!

Not to be left far behind, competition also made most of the trends and took a big slice of the humble pie.


Finally, Apple did what Android OEMs are very (in)famous for: Throw big numbers at us during press conferences. Despite reminding us that the new iDevices are "Android-free", the exercise has been, well, an epic fail?



And last but not the least, here's someone on Twitter who already cracked the iPhone security code!


Got any interesting one-liners/tweets to share with us? Feel free to sound off in the comments below! Or send it to our official Twitter handle @Techtree. We would love to feature some more wisecracks.

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