Rumour: Xbox One Might Launch on November 8 |

Rumour: Xbox One Might Launch on November 8

Leaked email points to a midnight launch a week ahead of PS4's debut.


Microsoft's upcoming next-gen console, the Xbox One, might be gearing up for a November 8 launch in the USA. The news isn't official, though, as Microsoft is still mum about the console's release date. The rumour comes courtesy of Kotaku, which was tipped off about the possible launch date by a source placed much higher up in the Xbox One launch machinery.

The revelation seems to have some credence as it comes from a marketing firm tasked with the branding for Walmart, which happens to be the largest most ubiquitous retail platform in the US. Apparently, the leak originates from an internal email brief about the scheduled midnight launches.

If the news holds up, Microsoft's impending launch will be a whole week ahead of Sony's recently announced November 15 release for the PS4. The rumour almost makes it look as though Microsoft had been waiting for the PS4 announcement before deciding to beat it to the punch by a week. At any rate, a head start of a week is nothing compared to the lead the Xbox 360 had on the PS3.

However, that means little in the Indian context as the console has been delayed till late 2014.

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