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Micromax Head Honchos Arrested

CBI official miffed about bad after sales-service... Not!


Karma they say is a 'bitch', and it has finally bitten the owners of Micromax in the behind for their trashy after sales service. Sigh, how we wish this were true.

The CBI sleuths found Mr Agarwal and Mr Tuli illegally bribing (as opposed to legal bribing) innocent Govt officials a measly amount of Rs 30 lakh (saved from non-existent after sales-service). Apparently the bribe was given to the engineers of North Delhi Municipal Corporation for clearance of their fancy banquet home construction.

During the trap operation, CBI caught both owners negotiating the price down from Rs 50 Lakh to Rs 30 Lakh to the junior officials of the MCD, who were collecting on the behalf of Superintendent Engineer, an Executive Engineer and two Junior Engineers, the source said.

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