Google+ Mobile Announces Redesign To Keep Pace With Desktop Experience |

Google+ Mobile Announces Redesign To Keep Pace With Desktop Experience

A new look for user profile pages is in the offing now, in a post-Google I/O development.


Google which updated its Google+ webpage for desktop browsers with enhancements to its Stream, Hangouts and Photos sections, has announced an update to Google+ webpage for mobile browsers as well. This update is in line with Google's service revamps at the recently concluded I/O developers conference. The most important enhancement in Google+ mobile is the mechanism by which photos, posts, links are converted to "cards". This "conversion" is said to provide for easy readability and resharing of posts on Google+.

The other change in the mobile Google+ site is a redesign of profile pages, for individual users as well as brands. The redesign includes cover photos and larger tap targets (target pages appear big in order to enable easy tapping on a touchscreen).

These enhancements no doubt add a certain amount of functionality to Google+, but they are yet to come close to the Android and iOS mobile application versions of Google+, in terms of user interface. For instance, Google+ for mobile doesn't incorporate functionality such as Hangouts and communities. However, the Google+ iOS app is yet to be updated, and there is only a remote possibility that it will incorporate these aspects. As of now, Google+ offers a similar experience on desktop and mobile.

After Google I/O, Redesigned For Google+ Mobile Announced
Screenshot of the new look Google+ mobile.

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