Apple iRadio To Launch Soon |

Apple iRadio To Launch Soon

The company is expected to tie-up with companies such as Universal and Pandora.


Apple's iRadio which marks the consumer tech major's foray into music streaming is reportedly going to take place this summer. The web service from Apple was rumoured to be in the works from a long time.

Apple is said to be conducting negotiations with various record companies such as Universal and Warner with regard to streaming rights, and these negotiations are also said to be going forward so that Apple can aim at launching iRadio by Summer this year.

Earlier, there were reports about Apple offering to pay approximately half the royalty rate for web radio services in comparison to what some other major players in the industry such as Pandora and Spotify pay. The iPhone maker had reportedly offered to pay 6 cents for every 100 songs streamed. Pandora and Spotify are said to be paying 12 cents and 35 cents per 100 songs streaming.

Meanwhile Apple had tied-up with Universal for its iCloud service. Now, with the company said to tie up with Universal for its iRadio, music streaming can be expected to get bigger.

A plethora of Apple products are on the way - iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 are expected to come out in June, while an iPad Mini 2 is expected in September this year.

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